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May 14, 2012 4:00pm PDT
. >> there are prot testors said they helped elect jerry brown to his dream job now accusing him of taking away their opportunities to better themselves. two dozen people gathered in san jose to protest the plan to deal with the revised $16 billion gap. they're especially furious with his proposal to implement $8 billion in cuts affecting health care, inhome services and welfare to work programs. california state university system will face $250 million in trigger cuts unless california voters approved a tax increase the governor wants to makeup the rest of the deficit. there is some relief, you can say and a lot of anger with the may revision to the budget. >> i can't believe he can have nerve to do this after the years i've been voting and i vote every time we have an election. and for him to let me down like this, my children, my grandson? outrageous. >> there is expressed gratitude for prioritizing higher education. here in san jose state we feel the same way. >> so education across the board would suffer if voters don't approve the increase package mentioned earlier. governor brown called
May 30, 2012 4:00pm PDT
budget cuts have brown out days. there are two squadrons and engines off today. and so when they get into a multiple fire situation and alarm situation, they make sure there is plenty of staffing. we're assured there is no delay in getting them here to the scene. we're told nobody was injured and as the roof collapsed on the house, firefighters were aware waits starting to give way. they were cleared from the roof and there are no firefighters below it. we're staying on top of the story. you can see the fire department is working on this. we'll then update you on abc 7 news at 5:00 and on axe bc news at 6:00. live in san jose, abc 7 news. >> and in developing news a potential bomb shell in the preliminary hearing in the men charged with beating brian stow, prosecutors said a videotape showing marvin norwood telling his mother by cell phone he expected to go down for it. he also told his mother he's sorry and that the co-defendant lee sanchez was involved. the two men face felony charges in the beating in the dodger stadium parking lot and stow continues to recover from a sev
May 10, 2012 4:00pm PDT
the next eight years. >> and give brown called state budget a quote, screwed up incredible mess. signing petitions for a tax initiative he said will help fix it. the governor's plan helping fund schools and public safety by imposing a tax increase on the wealthyest residents and adding a quarter sent to the -- cent to the sales tax its balanced and fair. and this will take a step forward inputting california in a solid position. >> and the measure would raise taxes on sliding scales for all californians except lowest income. >> we're learning with the man behind al qaeda's latest failed terror plot. sources say he will do anything he can to harm americans including making bomb that's look like every day luggage and carry on items some believe his latest creations would be implanted inside of terrorists and pets. >> this is very innovative of trying to find a way to get a bomb into an airplane. >> the latest work, updated under wear bomb was attained by an agent infiltrated al qaed qaa cell. >> for a dozen people struggling with mental health issues this is and could with would be live ch
May 11, 2012 4:00pm PDT
're the place where good ideas grow. >> the bounty grows if governor brown's plan is approve bid voters in november and it will create new top tax rates generating another $400 million. >> a san diego county man received a cancerous kidney during a transplant goes court against the doctor. he receive aid kidney in 2008 just two weeks after the transplant a sonogram revealed a sift. a biopsy confirmed it was cancerous. the surgeon admitted he saw the sift -- cyst before the transplant but was not concerned about it being malignant. >> i was crushed. i couldn't believe it instead of doing the safe thing and making sure the kidney was safe, they just skip that had step and went ahead. >> he is also suing uc san diego medical sent yes, turns out it came from a 52-year-old diabetic with high blood pressure a long time smokier and marijuana user. he remains on dieal sis. >> now the investigation of a popular weight loss business in southern california. the multi million dollar venture under fire after deaths of five patients. >> you doctors made more money in wet loss business than these two
May 18, 2012 4:00pm PDT
. >> the motorcycle group escorted his casket to the funeral home. governor brown ordered the flag to be flown at half staff on tuesday to honor the soldier. >> and california's attorney general and wife of a famous general met with service members today at travis air force base. >> the goal to talk to them about financial difficulties facing so many of them in light of the crisis. >> abc 7 news is live at travis with the story for us. laura? >> hi, carolyn. the air force base is in the heart of solano county. military families are no exception. the signs are easy to see in neighborhoods near travis air force base showing how hard this hit men and women in uniform. >> the market was great and everybody was buying home autos the sarnlent bought his home at the height of the market only to fall behind on his $356,000 loan when payments went up and the value of the home plunged. >> at the end of the short sale, the house sold for $130,000. i lost about $250,000 on the home. >> and bill got out of his house but many others lose theirs to foreclosure or fall victim to predatory lending practices. >> they'r
May 3, 2012 4:00pm PDT
ashton kutcher was pulled after viewers calls it racist, featuring him in brown makeup featuring a bollywood producer looking for love. pop chips is based in san francisco. a spokeswoman says the ads were not meant to offend anyone. >> it's the moment movie fans have been waiting for. the u.s. opening of "the avengers". >> and we're talking about iron man. thor and hulk. >> tonight avengers will open in theaters and has phone shall to break major records. when the movie opens last weekend it took in $185.1 million. that is $7 million more than disney studios first estimated so it's well on is its way to having the biggest debut, ever. michael jackson's image is returning to pepsi. the company just made a deal to use images for a new global marketing push including special edition cans a tv ad and remixes of some of his songs. body of proof star dana delaney hit the red carpet tonight and recognizes tv program that's touch on important social issues. >> people don't admit this tends to be a popularity contest. these are the show that's are quietly doing their job. >> for all of yo
Search Results 0 to 5 of about 6